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Easy Table of Contents – Version 2.0.51 Released

We are very pleased to announce to you that we have just released an update and in that, we have fixed the following issues and made some improvements.

Released Date: 04th July, 2023

Issue Fixed:

  • BUG: Title is not straight in the upper roman option #360
  • BUG: TOC Shortcode conflict with Grow Social Pro by Mediavine plugin #499
  • BUG: Conflicting with Divi BodyCommerce plugin #493
  • PR: fix getListElementHeightWithoutUlChildren() when their are no child in list element #142
  • PR: Add request url before anchor link #139
  • PR: add post_id attribute to toc shortcode #126
  • BUG: There is an error in the TOC when a user test his or her site using the tool. #430
  • BUG: TOC Toogle is not working with the Harper theme. #504
  • TWEAK: Remove the transient caching mechanism from the ez_toc_wp_check_browser_version() function. #503
  • BUG: Error occurring after the latest update “Form elements do not have associated labels” #505
  • BUG: Bug in getTOC() that causes DB updates #506
  • TWEAK: Remove all commented and unused code enhancement #509
  • BUG: A fatal error is occurring on the pages where TOC is not added #511
  • BUG: When TOC is not there do not load css #491
  • BUG: Not working in sidebar if Auto insert is disabled. #297
  • NEW: Need to add a new feautre header label clickable like hamburger menu #487

Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our Easy Table of Contents Plugin.

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